Xylotek Solutions Inc. featured as a Top 10 Fortinet partner for 2020


Xylotek Solutions Delivering Holistic IT andSecurity Solutions


Xylotek Solutions Inc. featured as a Top 10 Fortinet partner for 2020

As organizations are continuously adopting newer technologies for driving their business and workflows, deploying robust security solutions has become more imperative than ever. In a bid to optimize their internal processes and management, enterprises—especially the resource-constrained SMBs— may even adopt technologies that may not be a good fit for their business. In such situations, technology solution implementation and cybersecurity go hand-in-hand, and experience is of the essence. Ontario-based Xylotek Solutions knows best. Founded by technicians and IT experts, the company is well aware of the challenges that the IT department faces while implementing new tech and solutions for driving the business.

On the cybersecurity front, in the day and age where threats such as malware, viruses, ransomware, and phishing continue to keep companies at their toes, Xylotek assists SMBs in dealing with internal as well as external security challenges and threat-proofing their technology change. The company partners with entities such as Fortinet, AT&T/Alienvault, Microsoft and ESET to provide comprehensive security solutions to their clients.

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