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Managed Security (Cyber Security)

xFactor Managed Security by one of Canada’s top cyber security companies.

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What is xFactor Managed Security?

If you have been investigating cyber security companies and solutions, xFactor Managed Security (powered by the AlienVault® platform) provides a reliable, highly flexible and scalable deployment model that helps service providers quickly implement and start monitoring your environments from day 1. With robust asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, behavioral monitoring, threat detection and security intelligence, xFactor Managed Security offers a unified, all-in-one approach to security management and threat detection.

Why xFactor Managed Security?

Companies with 10 employees and companies with 100,000 employees all take advantage of the increased reliability, decreased operating expenses and shrunken payroll that MSPs provide. Small and medium businesses use MSPs to create and maintain enterprise-level infrastructures.

These companies span every possible category and sector, but they’re united by the understanding that, left unmanaged by experts, the costs and complications of IT are disruptive to their operation and their profitability.

Cyber security companies like F12 who offer this solution helps you deal with the following challenges:

  • Are you concerned with all the cyber-attacks and threats that could potentially access and corrupt your data?
  • Are you struggling to explain how your company is currently being proactive to ensure security?
  • Are you considering deploying a SIEM (Security Incident Event Management) strategy?
  • Are you resource or time constrained?
  • Are you struggling to find (or afford) IT professionals with security incident response expertise?

Take your security to a new level with XFactor Managed Security (powered by AlienVault). Our team is committed to helping companies like yours improve their security posture. From SIEM deployment to log management to incident response to filling a skills gap on your security team, F12 (formerly Xylotek Solutions) has you covered.

F12 (formerly Xylotek) became one of Canada’s top cyber security companies because we deliver the highest quality services, infrastructure design and technology you need to be successful.