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Source: IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index

70% of employees don't understand cyber security

Poor password hygiene

Unable to identify phishing emails

Poor web browsing behavior

Unsafe remote access

Information classification

Email / SMS spoofing

Ransomware response

Help build a cyber aware culture, reduce your human risk and deliver meaningful reports to demonstrate return on investment.

Don’t become an accidental target, build a Cyber Safe culture.

Xfactor Security Aware is an easy to follow cyclical process which ensures an effective security awareness program is implemented to change culture and instinctive behaviors.

Cyber Security Landscape

Ransomware attacks occur every 14 seconds.

Security breaches have increased by 67% year on year

60% of SME's that experience a breach go out of business within 6 months

$280k is the average cost to an SME from a cyber incident


Source: IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index

How do you build a Human firewall? It’s all about training & awareness.

The risks of re-using passwords?

Do all staff Know...

Poor password hygiene

How to browse the internet safely?

How to prevent ransomware from spreading?

Identify a spear phishing campaign?

What malware and ransomware are and associated risks?

How to secure their personal devices?

What Business Email Compromise is?

How GDPR impacts your business?

What information security is and how to treat different data?

How to use public WiFi securely?

How to create a safe password?

What social engineering is and how it is a risk to your business?

Effective Security Awareness includes:

1.Business: A good security awareness program starts with clear policies & procedures for staff to follow.

2.Training: Changing culture requires engaging, fun and informative training on a regular basis.

3.Phishing: Simulate real world cyber attacks to test and measure and fix effectiveness of training.

4.Reporting that means something: Get clear actionable reports to measure and identify at-risk areas of the business. Export data for meaningful management and board reporting.


Source: IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index

  1. Business:
    1. Cyber security health check
    2. Cyber risk dashboard
    3. Ready to edit policy templates
    4. Security awareness posters
  2. Training:
    1. 40+ security awareness courses
    2. Access from any device, anytime
    3. Learning outcome assessments
  3. Phishing:
    1. 100+ spear phishing templates
    2. Real world simulations
    3. Automated delivery and reporting
    4. At risk staff auto-enroll training
  4. Reporting:
    1. Granular risk reporting
    2. Detailed drill-down reporting
    3. Training gamification
    4. Exportable raw data source

These Five Steps will build a Cyber Safe culture

  • 1. Policies & Procedures: An effective security awareness program starts with strong policies and procedures. It is critical that the organization has clearly defined policies for the training to reinforce.
  • 2. Baseline Phishing Test: By performing a baseline phishing test, you have results to compare and track the success of your program. This baseline test also identifies at-risk departments and individuals.
  • 3. Regular Awareness Training: Our short engaging training is delivered online for staff to watch at any time from any device. Learners progress is tracked and at-risk learners identified.
  • 4. Spear Phishing Simulations: Perform real-world phishing attacks on staff to demonstrate in a safe environment what a real attack looks like and promote safe email behavior.
  • 5. Measure and Reduce Risk: Measure results on a monthly basis and auto-enroll at-risk staff including those who have failed phishing simulations. Track your progress over time with the cyber risk dashboards.
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