Uptime Guarantee

100% Uptime Guarantee

Guaranteeing 100% availability ensures your business systems operate continuously all year around


Trust Xylotek Solutions to Keep Your Systems Always Available

When your business systems fail, your business operations suffer. If your staff can’t work and your Clients can’t connect with you, productivity halts and revenue slows. Xylotek Solutions makes sure that never happens when we host, monitor and manage your systems from our state-of-the-art data center. We stand by our promise, with an SLA that refunds the percentage of your fees to match the percentage of time you’re systems are down.


Simple Promise: When it comes to uptime promises, the term “n nines” refers to an uptime guarantee: for instance, 99.9999% is called “six nines.” Six nines is good. No nines is better. We promise that - with the single exception of planned maintenance - your systems will be up and running 100% of the time.

        Accredited Managed Services Provider

       State-of-the-art Operations Center with Cutting Edge Technology

       24x7x365 Remote Help Desk and On-site Support

       24x7x365 Real-Time Network Monitoring

       Experienced, Certified Technicians and Engineers

       Dedicated Account Managers

       Predictable Monthly Cost, Scalable Level of Service

       Remote Resolution of Issues more than 90% of the Time

       Easy to Understand Graphical Reporting of Performance

       Reduces IT Operational Costs by up to 70%

Best SLA in the Business
Xylotek Solutions has as tough a Service Level Agreement as you’ll find. Should your infrastructure ever go down, just let us know, and we’ll refund the cost of any service we manage equal to the duration of the downtime. For instance, if your system availability for any period is 99%, we’ll refund one percent of your fee. If it’s 98% we’ll refund two percent . . . and so on.

Experts Always on Hand
One of the ways we ensure uptime is through our expert engineers, technicians and support staff. Working 24/7/365 in our state-of-the-art operations center, they continually monitor your systems to proactively prevent a system failure. In the unlikely event of an interruption, they’re in place to immediately solve the problem.

About Xylotek Solutions Inc.
At Xylotek Solutions, we don’t think you should have to pay for services you don’t need. That’s why we offer a boutique
approach to IT management so that you can select only the services that will benefit your company. The choice is yours.

Whatever the size or nature of your business, Xylotek delivers the highest quality services, infrastructure design and technology you need to be successful.

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