What makes us different?

What Makes Us Different

Xylotek helps you to maximize technology and eliminate technology pain. From concept to completion, whether your solution involves hardware, software, consulting, ongoing support, or all of the above; Xylotek is your single point of contact.


Characteristics of Xylotek Solutions

When you partner with a Managed Services Provider, you begin a relationship made up of equal parts technology and trust. The technology can be specified, but the trust has to be earned.
Here are some of the ways Xylotek Solutions Inc. does that.


Certified to Satisfy
Our experienced and expert technicians, architects and engineers are certified across all major systems—hardware and software. They’re on top of the latest innovations, in touch with the right knowledge sources, and work with those technologies every single day.

Scope of Services

Every Corner of Your Infrastructure
Xylotek Solutions Inc. provides ground-floor consulting, strategy and IT architectural services. We’ll take responsibility for some or all of your IT assets, including license optimization, maintenance and upgrade, monitoring and more. We’ll host your network, defend your security, build and augment your applications, and more.

Client Care

Whatever You Need, Whenever You Need It
First-quality service is evident in every aspect of our work with you—and especially in our Help Desk and support services. We handle every level of support, every second of the day. That includes everything from simple password resets to Level 3 support issues.

Account Management

Working Side by Side
A key part of our relationship with you is our account management team. You’ll have an Account Manager permanently assigned to you. Your account manager will get to know you, your systems, processes, culture and—most importantly—your people.

Highlights of Xylotek Solutions Inc. Services

Remote Help Desk and Onsite Support
Most issues can be handled remotely. If you need us onsite for any reason, we’ll be there.

Easy-to-Understand Performance Reports
Reports don’t help if you can’t understand them. We transform the huge amount of data we receive about your operation into straightforward, graphical reports you can plan on.

Malware Prevention
Threats are everywhere. We establish an ironclad wall of protection against any threat, anytime. And it’s backed up by an equally tough Service Level Agreement.

Desktop Security and Performance Monitoring
Ensure your desktops are running properly, and that they’re only used by authorized people. We’ll keep an eye on every machine for performance and authorized use.

Proactive Monitoring and Management
Spot and stop problems before they occur. Our round-the-clock monitoring ensures peak performance. And we’re continually checking to ensure your systems and software are always up to date.

Predictable Monthly Cost, Scalable Level of Service
Know what you’re spending and why. Our flat fee gives you a simple, stable way to budget IT operational expenses. And whether you add or contract services, you always know the impact.

Broad Range of Service Level Agreements
The performance of every aspect of your infrastructure—network, telephony, desktops and the rest—is guaranteed by our flexible SLAs.

Whatever the size or nature of your business, Xylotek delivers the highest quality services, infrastructure design and technology you need to be successful.

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