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An Extension of your Business

We put ourselves in your shoes, make suggestions based on your unique business needs. Ensuring every dollar spent on IT drives results for your bottom line.


Helpdesk & Managed Services

Our support model delivers peace of mind to our clients', improving reliability and performance by ensuring your IT services are available when needed, with no surprises or unexpected expenses. Our Helpdesk and Managed Services team offers customizable IT Support Services that allow you to focus on your business and help you outshine the competition.


Cloud Solutions

With a variety of public and hybrid cloud solutions available, choosing a solution that’s right for your organization can be a daunting task. We help our customers choose solutions that help drive value to their bottom line.


IT Solutions

Our solutions are designed around your individual businesses needs using technology that delivers reliability, flexibility, and performance. We work to your budget and unique requirements from concept to completion and the result is projects that are delivered on-time and on budget.

  • Backup


    “Backup strategies are just not enough on their own anymore. The need for business continuity and disaster recovery is a critical component to our customers’ strategy and planning. Do you have a full BCDR plan in place? If not
    Xylotek can help

  • Solution Provider’s


    We had a great opportunity to weigh in on the mobility trends in IT earlier this month, check out this article to see what our President & COO, Chris Pickard, had to say!

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  • Satisfied Customers


    What does it take to keep customers satisfied? Xylotek Solutions Inc. was invited to contribute their thoughts.

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  • lenovo


    With the merging of Lenovo’s PC and server businesses finally behind him, North American Channel Chief Sammy Kinlaw is focused on new products and partnerships. As a valued partner, we were happy to weigh in!

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Our relationship with Xylotek is built on trust…Today they are very much part of our business.
-Graham Barraclough, VP Finance, Steelcraft Technologies.

Why partner with Xylotek Solutions?

Xylotek helps you to maximize technology and eliminate IT issues. From concept to completion, whether your solution involves hardware, software, consulting, ongoing support, or all of the above; Xylotek is your single point of contact.