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Xylotek helps you to maximize technology and eliminate technology pain. From concept to completion, whether your solution involves hardware, software, consulting, ongoing support, or all of the above; Xylotek is your single point of contact.


You Manage the Market. We’ll Take on the Tech.

The manufacturing industry in today’s world is facing many challenges. Every one of them impact strategic initiatives. Global competition. Regional expansion. Complex supply chains. New business models, and more. To excel in this environment, manufacturers must stay innovative to improve operations and capture opportunities. Xylotek Solutions knows how to evaluate your business needs and keep you competitive.
Xylotek Solutions has been reliably helping manufacturers simplify and standardize their business systems and technological support. We offer managed services that enable flexibility in operations, support transformational initiatives and deliver value from tech investments.


You grapple with supply chains. You manage operations across the enterprise. You’re dealing with logistics. The manufacturing industry holds many arduous processes that are difficult to manage when your business and information systems aren’t connected. Xylotek Solutions provides committed expertise to establish and maintain the right mix of hardware, software, networks and data to improve security and workflows for manufacturing efficiency.

        Accredited Managed Services Provider

       State-of-the-art Operations Center with Cutting Edge Technology

       24x7x365 Remote Help Desk and On-site Support

       24x7x365 Real-Time Network Monitoring

       Experienced, Certified Technicians and Engineers

       Dedicated Account Managers

       Predictable Monthly Cost, Scalable Level of Service

       Remote Resolution of Issues more than 90% of the Time

       Easy to Understand Graphical Reporting of Performance

       Reduces IT Operational Costs by up to 70%

Increase Efficiency & Performance
Manufacturers seek to increase efficiency and performance by integrating and collaborating with suppliers. Yet, they are
concerned about controlling and sharing external access without compromising internal access.

Manufacturers need a way to separate and secure the information they want to share with trusted partners and suppliers
to reap the benefits of tighter collaboration. However, they don’t want to expose themselves to the risk of unintentionally
sharing sensitive and confidential material, such as their intellectual property.

Manufacturers typically focus on the production process. But, regulatory and compliance issues are a necessary reality.
They’re critically important for consumer safety and protection. Manufacturers must show readiness and enforce

Peak Performance
Your business pulses across networks constantly, sometimes without stop. That network has to be always operational,
and always at peak performance.

About Xylotek Solutions Inc.
At Xylotek Solutions, we don’t think you should have to pay for services you don’t need. That’s why we offer a boutique
approach to IT management so that you can select only the services that will benefit your company. The choice is yours.

Whatever the size or nature of your business, Xylotek delivers the highest quality services, infrastructure design and technology you need to be successful.

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